Interface MatsSocketServer.MatsSocketEndpoint<I,MR,R>

Type Parameters:
I - type of the incoming MatsSocket message ("Incoming")
MR - type of the returned Mats message ("Mats Reply")
R - type of the outgoing MatsSocket message ("Reply")
Enclosing interface:

public static interface MatsSocketServer.MatsSocketEndpoint<I,MR,R>
Representation of a MatsSocketEndpoint.
  • Method Details

    • getMatsSocketEndpointId

      String getMatsSocketEndpointId()
      the Id of the MatsSocketEndpoint / MatsSocketTerminator (remember, a "Terminator" is just a special case of an endpoint, one which does not Reply).
    • getIncomingClass

      Class<I> getIncomingClass()
      the expected type of incoming messages (coming in over the WebSocket, from the MatsSocket Client).
    • getMatsReplyClass

      Class<MR> getMatsReplyClass()
      the expected type of Replies from the invoked/forwarded-to Mats endpoint. Will be Void.TYPE (i.e. void.class) for Terminators.
    • getReplyClass

      Class<R> getReplyClass()
      the type of the Replies from this endpoint, if any (being sent back over the WebSocket, to the MatsSocket Client). Will be Void.TYPE (i.e. void.class) for Terminators.