MatsSocket documentation is evolving. There should be enough to get you going.

CodeDoc: JavaDoc and JSDoc

MatsSocket have pretty extensive Code Documentation, so when you need something from the Client or Server APIs, that’s where you want to go.

Documentation @

Step through the navigation pane to the left! Start here! This is meant to be a guided introduction to what MatsSocket is.

Documentation @ MatsSocket repo

There’s some documentation at the MatsSocket repo, notably the However, that text is also largely ported here.

Tests @ MatsSocket repo

Many of the Client tests should be instructive. The main JavaScript test file is this, which includes the actual files with tests. For Dart, the test files are here, also swept up and run during build.

The JavaScript tests are run in Node.js during build, but they are also possible to run in a browser.

Reach out!

Feel free to contact me if you wonder about anything! (It would make sense to first having skimmed through the provided documentation!)

Any suggestions wrt. the documentation is highly appreciated.